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Professor Ostberg Honored

May 30, 2006 Leave a comment

The Canadian Political Science Association has nominated our own Professor Cynthia Ostberg and her research partner Matt Wetstein for the 2006 McMenemy Prize. The McMenemy Prize is awarded for the most significant article published during the past year in the Canadian Journal of Political Science.

The official wording of the nomination follows:

Matthew E. Wetstein and C. L. Ostberg, “Strategic Leadership and Political Change on the Canadian Supreme Court: Analyzing the Transition to Chief Justice” 38:3 September 2005

The authors bring new tools from public law scholarship to bear on the behaviour of Canada’s Supreme Court. Moving beyond normative questions of judicial legitimacy in the Charter era, the article investigates critical questions about the way that the Supreme Court of Canada works. Accessible and rigorous, the article demonstrates measurable changes in the behaviour of justices as they transition to the Chief’s role. By doing so, the authors demonstrate the important role of institutional variables in explaining outcomes from Canada’s highest court. The article is an important addition to Canadian public law scholarship.

The McMenamy Prize winner will be announced on June 3. Good Luck, Matt and Cindy!

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