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Zombies, Cyborgs, and International Relations Theory is Now Officially the Hottest Topic in IR

April 5, 2011 Leave a comment
The typical zombie.

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The most talked about panel at the recent International Studies Association meetings was a roundtable on Daniel Drezner‘s new book Theories of International Relations and Zombies.  Tongue-in-cheek, Drezner shows how various theories of international relations might help us explain and understand the coming zombie apocalypse.

Georgetown University IR Prof Daniel Nexon described the session in the essential Duck of Minerva blog.

Stephanie Carvin created, animated, moderated, and even presented on the roundtable. Other participants included Robert Farley (of LGM), Jeremy Youde, myself,Charli Carpenter, and, of course, Dan D. Topics included:

  • The results of zombie-apocalypse simulations;
  • The global health regime and flesh-eating ghouls;
  • Post-Zombie IR theory;
  • The laws of war meet reanimated corpses; and
  • The cyborg menace.

A podcast of the roundtable is available for those who care to check it out.

The highlight of the roundtable was Prof. Charli Carpenter’s sci-fi video mashup, which may have accused Drezner of being a Cylon sleeper agent.  (We can only be sure if we make him listen to “All Along the Watchtower“.)

You can watch a diavlog between Drezner and Carpenter in which Drezner denies being a Cylon sleeper agent.

Students in Prof. Brian Klunk’s Fall 2011 POLS 160–Theories of International Politics course will read Drezner’s book and no doubt view Carpenter’s video.

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