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American Government and Politics Students on Current Events

This semester my students are monitoring the news and sending me their weekly suggestions articles to read about events and issues they think are interesting and important for students of American politics to follow. Every week I will be posting the top articles that they send me here.

I did not receive many suggested articles last week, It was the first week of classes and students are busy preparing for an intensive simulation of the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

However, Juan Aguirre did send a link to this article about terror cells in Belgium.

Dealing with what may be a new phase of terrorist operations will create problems for governments all over the world, including the U.S.

Watch us every week for more news items suggested by my students.

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  1. anonymous
    February 21, 2015 at 11:17 am

    why those Americans, ever have to believe, that they can take, the proud and power from other peoples and countries, just to hurt it, and to kill it, that at any body they like to hurt, in those other foreigner countries, that is, like those Americans really, own their proud money and honor, the Americans they are all over, from another country, other’s public, with other politics, other economy, other education, another geographic, those Americans they don’t care in going to go, to hurt to other’s public, with their nasty, very own political education, is not the fare way to be, to go around the world, saying that they own the world, why? because the Americans they are not better people, to go to hurt other’s, the Americans they own they very own government for their self only, they have the Rights to hait it, in between them self only, they don’t have the, Right to hait to other’s in other countries, inside their own American country, they can fight to each other, they kill to each other, they must do respect their own constitution, and to their own public, the Americans are not god, of the world, even better they don’t have to use the name of god in false, to go to hurt and to stole the world, those Americans doesn’t care to take it, to hurt to somebody another’s, because the Americans, hijacked their own power, with Nazi help, in the 1963, and since then those Americans, take it to hurt around the world with their nasty lies, in about that they will like, to help the worldtheir Nazi power, it does very evidently that the Americans they want only, going out their borders to stole and to kill, without any class and without any educations, using their nasty weapon power only, without any constitutions, in the most, the Americans they have to fix only, to their self, with their good wishes of love, that is worst because they are not as proud and better people, to go to fix to other’s, others countries are not under their jurisdiction, because many wonder, are the Americans? going to fight to other countries with the approve, of their congress people, or the Americans they go to fight using only their own as believing? as mad dogs only, no they are all wrong, because they power, it does it, drive by bunch of nasty farmers, with out studies, and not well educations, they must to study international politics, those nasty farmers ironically are using, they said the communist strategies, only to can stole and to can stole and have more riches, how easy that, to stole the communist system, to stole much public, how nasty that ¡, they are driving to any body, like their pigs in their farm, and still, those are the Nazi German, driving to any body like pigs, in the second world conflict, and those Nazis still with big wishes to stole money from other’s persons and other’s countries, even with battle fight, all the countries they own their foredoom, they must to make care of them self, as they want so, those many world’s countries, must not to do as the crazies American’s they want so, those American they spend, military power, to do economic power, that is why, those are ever how ” rich “, like by example the American government they did spend military power to stole and kill to many Innocent persons around the are of the winner ticket, that in the 1995 year, it happened like this, a foreigner he buyed a lottery ticket, very near to his place of work, then he won 34,000.000 million dollars, he sign his ticket, and he ensure that he were coming back to cash his prize, in the same time the American military power, they did notice, like many other times, and they command a military Battle around the area, many working persons inside that area, inside the same city, to stole the prize and to kill to any witness persons around that area, are those nasty American’s or Germans? because the fighter were of the German race, those were only blond persons fighting to any other race, the only fighters in the American country, those are ever the blonds, ever fighting to any race from the public, to stole and to kill, their money and properties, those blond ever want so much, with out making proud business, they killed around 20 persons, those Germans kill it, to a proud French manager, he were working inside his restaurant from sunset and la brea, and a few he argue at thieves, and he got kill by the American military power, but those American Germans start to quiet to any body with killing, they were killing to many persons, and they said they must to be quiet under military threatening, those nasty farmers said that they are going to kill to any witness in about that, the Americans they don’t ever pay to foreigner, they killed, in las Vegas or California, that happen in the sunset and la brea area, they killed to persons from any business around the area the international police must to investigate

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