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Fun with CD-9 Registration Statistics

The California Secretary of State released the 15-day (before the election) registration statistics today. Here’s how things stack up in CD-9:

Democrats now have a 12-point registration advantage in the district.

  • On Sept. 7 (60 days before the election), Democrats only had a 10-point registration advantage (45% to 35%). On May 21, the Democrats only had an 8-point advantage (44% to 36%).
  • There are 313,105 people registered to vote in CD-9. 46% are registered as Democratic, 34% are registered as Republican, 16% are registered no party preference, and 4% are registered with a minor party.

Most of the district’s voters live in San Joaquin County.

  • 67% of the registrants live in San Joaquin. 29% live in Contra Costa County, and 4% live in Sacramento County.

Democrats won the registration battle.

  • The biggest change is in San Joaquin County, where the Democratic registration advantage has gone from 6 points (44% v. 38% on Sept. 7) to 9 points (46% v. 37% on Oct. 22).
  • Between Sept. 7 and Oct. 22, 19,557 more people registered to vote. Of those, 61% registered Democratic (11,986) compared to just 15% who registered Republican (2,863).
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