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Brian Klunk Discusses Soccer and Globalization

World Cup fans get a lesson in soccernomics | Recordnet.com

Even the World Cup championship match can be an opportunity to talk political science.  Pacific Political Scientist Brian Klunk led a pre-match discussion of Franklin Foer’s 2004 book How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization as the warm-up act for a match-watching party held at University of the Pacific’s DeRosa University Center.

Here is part of the Stockton Record’s account of the pre-match event:

For the next four years, many Americans may find it possible to ignore the sport the rest of the world calls football.

But that would be our loss, said Brian Klunk, a professor of political science at University of the Pacific.

That’s why Klunk led a pregame discussion Sunday morning on soccer and globalization with more than 30 people gathered to watch the World Cup final in The Lair at Pacific.

Klunk said he agrees with former President Bill Clinton, who once said that knowing how to speak soccer can help Americans who do business abroad connect with people from other nations and cultures.

The World Cup event was sponsored by a number of organizations, including Barnes and Noble and Pacific’s Office of Multicultural Affairs.

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