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Pacific Political Science Students Tackle California’s Dysfunctional Constitution

Revising constitution doesn’t stymie students – Sacramento Opinion – Sacramento Editorial | Sacramento Bee
Each fall students in Prof. Bob Benedetti’s Politics of California course tackle the task of redesigning California’s constitution. 
Here’s what the Sacramento Bee had to say about the course:

the tiny yet diverse subset of Californians that Benedetti guides through a similar exercise each year manages to zero in on many of the problems political scientists have said are at the root of the state’s dysfunction.

The professor’s classes have proposed streamlining the executive branch; reducing the size of legislative districts to make lawmakers more responsive to their constituents; lowering the vote thresholds for passing a budget or raising taxes; and reforming the relationship between state and local government. They’ve argued for limiting, but not ending, the initiative process.

And long before California voters warmed to the idea in 2008, Benedetti’s classes suggested an independent commission to redraw the state’s political boundaries.

Prof. Benedetti’s course is an example of the kind of active and engaged learning that takes place in Pacific’s political science classes.

  1. February 18, 2010 at 9:30 am

    Anyone postulating that European style socialism is not a destination of the current left wing in America is either ignorant to the point of stupidity or an categorical prevaricator. Socialism is a scheme that attempts to put both industry and money dominance subordinate to a principal authority for “fair” or “equitable” dispersion under central planners. When the authorities buy a major interest in GM, that IS Socialism! When the regime seeks to operate the Health Care system, that IS Socialism! When the government gives billions to Wall Street to distribute their danger throughout the total population, that IS Socialism!

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