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Prof. Keith Smith on the Brown (R-MA) Victory

In the Lodi News-Sentinel

“The fall elections are a long way off, and most voters in the United States haven’t come up with the idea that there is an election.

“The average person on the street may know that (Brown won). What it means for Barbara Boxer, for example — there isn’t a connection. Most elections are about the state or district rather than national issues.

“For Democrats, the election will depend on whether the economy starts to pick up in the next two quarters. There is very real anger, frustration and dissatisfaction with a very vocal group on the right, and this gives them one more thing to trumpet and providing encouragement for their movement.

“With health care, on the one hand, the Senate did pass a bill. The only thing that’s necessary for a bill to become law is for Nancy Pelosi to get Democrats to vote for the Senate bill. Then you’ll have health-care reform.

“On the other hand, the fact that Obama wants it means (Republicans will) vote no. They very much want to hand him a signature defeat.”

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