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According to Smith, You Can Learn A Lot From Lodi

Breaking down Lodi votes

Pacific Political Scientist Keith Smith was quoted recently in the Lodi News-Senitinel.  It appears that which side of the tracks you live on has a lot to do with which presidential candidate Lodians voted for in 2008.

Voters in Lodi’s Eastside largely supported President Obama in the November election, while the rest of the city chose Sen. John McCain.

Following Obama’s 100-day benchmark as president, the News-Sentinel did a precinct-by-precinct analysis of how Lodians voted in the election. The results show that, with a few exceptions, local residents appear to have voted along socioeconomic lines.

The Lodi neighborhoods showing the greatest support for each candidate show a great dichotomy in terms of demographics, and even appearance.

As Paul Simon once said, “the answer is easy if you take it logically.”

University of the Pacific professor Keith Smith said it’s not uncommon to find a “residential sorting pattern,” where people choose to have like-minded people as neighbors.

“One of the things that is increasingly important is the political beliefs of those around them,” said Smith, who teaches about campaigning and political institutions. “Republicans are more likely to live near Republicans, and Democrats live near more Democrats,”

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