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Thoughts on the Use of New Media

Bullet points from the presentation:

  • New media (Facebook, iPhone apps, Flickr, etc.) are better for making campaign participation deeper  (helping be more involved and feel more connected) than they are at making campaign participation broader (getting more people to participate at all). New media are tools campaigns can use effectively when there is a pre-existing interest in a candidate. The use of new media by itself does not drive interest in a candidate. Nor is it a strategy in and of itself.
  • New media may be better suited for campaigns than governance. The kinds of participation required in governing (deep, ongoing, bargaining) are different than the kinds of participation required for campaigning (short, energetic, uncompromising).
  • New media may allow more openness in government because (nearly) anyone can post something to the web, but there will always be efforts to control the flow of information coming from government.
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