Pacific Joins ICPSR

University of the Pacific has joined ICPSR, the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research.  Here is how ICPSR describes itself:

Established in 1962, ICPSR is the world’s largest archive of digital social science data. We acquire, preserve, and distribute original research data and provide training in its analysis. We also offer access to publications based on our data holdings.

In short, whenever social scientists develop useful datasets those datasets are archived with ICPSR where the data are available to faculty and students from member institutions.  Pacific faculty and students will have access to any of the datasets archived by ICPSR.  This will provide great opportunities for teaching, learning, and research, including undergraduate research.

In fact, ICPSR sponsors two annual undergraduate research competitions

The first competition, sponsored by the general archive at ICPSR, requires a research paper supported by quantitative analysis of any dataset(s) held within the ICPSR archive or any of its special topic archives. The second competition is sponsored by the Minority Data Resource Center (MDRC). The paper must address issues relevant to underrepresented minorities in the United States including immigrants, and data must be drawn from the MDRC.

Pacific’s strong social science programs, like political science, just got stronger.

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