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Julia Sweeney to Present at Midwest Political Science Association

Not many freshman students have the opportunity to present their research at one of the most important meetings of the political science profession, but Pacific’s Julia Sweeney (not the one who used to be on Saturday Night Live) will.  Next week when the Midwest Political Science Association holds its annual meeting in Chicago, Julia (shown here with San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom) will be on hand to present her project “Every Child Deserves to Read the Happy Ending: A study analyzing the effectiveness of literacy programs.”

This is how Julia describes her project: This poster will examine the effectiveness of current California elementary school programs to enhance the literacy rates of non-native English speakers in an effort to level the literacy rates among all students.  This poster will study the effectiveness of these programs through a mixed method approach of qualitative research methods including personal interviews with parents, school administrators/faculty, and literacy program directors and quantitative methods analyzing API scores.  The poster concludes with an analysis of available policy options and proposes the most effective policy based on research.

Julia, who is the 2008-2009 of the University of the Pacific Department of Political Science Undergraduate Research Award, developed her research project under the supervision of Professor Dari Sylvester.

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