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Brandon Savage–Blogging Alumnus


It’s always interesting to see what our political science graduates are doing after graduation.  We have lawyers aplenty and many people working in government and politics.  But sometimes a road leads in another direction.

Check out what recent graduate Brandon Savage says about his path:

I was born in Fremont, California and grew up in Yuba City, California. I attended Yuba City High School and University of the Pacific, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with an emphasis in United States Government.

Computers had always held an interest for me, and I began working with the Office of Information Technology at the University of the Pacific. While operating a geopolitical rolepalying game, I became frustrated with doing math by hand, and decided to learn a programming language to do it for me. PHP was the language I selected, in the early days of PHP 4.

After moving to the Washington area in 2007, I accepted a job as a Systems Administrator with CACI, working on a contract at the United States Department of State. In early 2008 I moved to DC PHP, where I worked on projects for Freedom House, Greenpeace USA, Birthright Israel and others. As a self-taught programmer I have excelled at learning the core fundamentals of programming, including object-oriented design, library building, and project management.

In late 2008, I accepted a position with The Bivings Group, where I am currently employed as a Custom Application Developer.

Note how Brandon’s interest in politics both led him to develop greater programming expertise and prepared him to work on a number of government and politics related projects.

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