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This Just In

Senior Political Science student John Orofino reports in about his recent experiences in the Washington Semester program.

Hello from Washington,

A few days ago i had the privilege of meeting Barack Obama backstage before and after his speech at James Madison University in Virginia. This past semester i have been working at the NBC station here in DC doing research for their consumer unit, but i was able to tag along with a political reporter covering the event just a few days ago. The reporter i was with had an one-on-one interview with Senator Obama after his speech and we received back stage access before and after he went on stage. It was the most amazing experience of my life- i was next to Senator Obama before he went on stage and i got an inside look on how he prepares for his speeches. The staging area was a corridor leading to the floor of the gymnasium that was covered by dark blue curtains barley allowing any light to enter- at the end of the tunnel hanged the American flag at which Senator Obama was pacing in front of. I had goosebumps the entire time.

The Washington Semester Program at American University has developed my intellect and passion for politics- i truly believe this program should be a requirement for all political science majors.

On election night i will be in the NBC news room taking calls and databasing the returns as they come in-it will be another extraordinary experience for me and i am very excited.

I hope all is well back at Pacific, I’m sure its warmer, and i will see you guys when i get back.

What a great example of a student making the most of his college opportunities.

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