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How American Idol Saved Democracy

From TNR: We have Simon Cowell and American Idol to thank for a revitalized democracy. Before you scoff too loudly, two of the key predictors we have for whether someone will vote are age and education — but their effects are not direct effects. Instead, it is the experience with navigating complex systems and the practice of voting in past (and other kinds of) elections that lead to higher turnout. So if a whole generation has now grown up thinking that they can vote on almost everything and actually voting — and that their vote might actually influence the outcome — the leap to voting in governmental elections shouldn’t be that big of a leap.

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  1. bklunk
    October 30, 2008 at 12:06 pm

    Hmm… Considering the quality of AI winners might give us pause about text-messaging our presidential votes. Breaking in a completely different direction, how did SNL not come up with this idea. Having the Obama and McCain impersonators pimp for votes by performing in front of the faux Randy, Paula, and Simon. “Senator McCain, you were a little pitchy dog, but you were doing your thing.” Paula could just cry all the time as McCain talks about his POW experience and as Obama launches into a “Yes, we can” refrain. Simon follows with “If I’m being totally honest, I have to say, Senator Obama, that I just can’t picture someone with your ears in a presidential portrait.”

    Klunk out!

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