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New Undergraduate Journal–Thinking Acts

Joy Viveros, the College Fellowship Advisor, sends along the information below. Given the College’s interest in promoting undergraduate research, this is a good opportunity for some student.

An interdisciplinary, electronic undergraduate journal focusing on a wide range of topics at the intersection of philosophy, politics, cultural studies and literary theory. Provides undergraduates with a forum for discussing the theoretical legacy of classical thinkers (from Plato to the twenty-first century) as well as for theoretical analysis of contemporary world events. Journal aims to support interdisciplinary dialogue, critique, and innovation. Submissions that re-conceptualize the relation between thought and action, theory and praxis, knowledge-production and the techno-political apparatus are especially welcome. February 1, 2007 is the deadline for submission to the inaugural volume to be published in June 2007.

Submissions to thinkingacts@gmail.com.

All submissions must be formatted for blind review. Follow MLA formatting. Include author’s name, email address, mailing address, university affiliation, and paper title on a separate cover sheet. Only the paper title should appear in the body of the paper. Enclose an abstract. Papers should range from 10-20 pages, though size limits are flexible. Papers written for classes or for senior theses are accepted, though they will likely need to be shortened/condensed.

Queries: Lev Marder, York University, Canada, at thinkingacts@gmail.com.

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